‘Total Recall’ Trailer: Five Things We Want To See

We’re holding out for some nods to the original in upcoming sneak peek.
By Kevin P. Sullivan
Colin Farrell in “Total Recall”
Photo: Sony Pictures We saw the teaser for the trailer earlier this week, but soon the first full-length preview of the “Total Recall” remake will be upon us. Gone are the Martian setting and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but in their stead, we have a new star, Colin Farrell , and a new leading lady, Kate Beckinsale. Even as goofy as it is, the original “Total Recall” is a modern sci-fi action classic, so expectations are high for this remake, which prefers a look that’s more “Minority Report” than early ’90s science fiction. Here are the five things we want to see in the “Total Recall” trailer: Benny
In the world of pre-kill Schwarzenegger puns, few stack up quite like “Screw you!” As the helpful cab driver-turned-traitor, Benny played a big role in the original film, and his death made for one of the biggest laughs. Even if it’s a glimpse at the cab or — if we’re lucky — a Martian drilling rig, we can keep our fingers crossed that Farrell has been brushing up on his pun delivery. Three-Breasted Woman
Perhaps the most memorable image from the original 1990 film, the three-breasted woman has to make an appearance at some point in the film. Including at least a hint of the lady with the extra something-something would also signal to doubtful fans that this is a remake that honors the past, as well as moves the story further into the future. Kuato
There are two very specific reasons why Kuato is something to look forward to in the remake of “Total Recall.” One is that when Kuato showed his face in the original, the world met one of the most bizarre sci-fi creations of all time. Secondly, Bill Nighy is slated to appear as the conjoined leader of the rebellion. If anyone can tackle a character as out there as that, it’s certainly Nighy, who threw himself entirely into playing a half-man, half-octopus for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Bryan Cranston
There’s a reason Walter White from “Breaking Bad” has been making random appearances in movies from “Contagion” to “John Carter.” It’s because Bryan Cranston makes everything better. In the new “Total Recall,” Cranston is playing Vilos Cohaagen, the same evil corporate executive from the original. We’ve all watched Cranston break bad for four years. Now we get to see him go all the way. Some Connection to the Original
When remaking a movie that came out a little more than 20 years ago, there’s sure to be a lot of lingering loyalty to the original. Fans will want to see some concrete through-line from the Schwarzenegger “Total Recall.” This will be difficult since the new version uses many of the same characters, but an acknowledgement of the first film will do wonders to earn the confidence of hardcore fans. Check out everything we’ve got on “Total Recall.” For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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