Watch: Fantastic Short ‘Caine’s Arcade’ About a 9-Year-Old’s Arcade

Wow. If you haven’t seen this yet, you definitely need to. Not only is it a funny, heartwarming, inspirational story, but it’s a great short film, boasting fantastic storytelling. There’s a superb short going around called Caine’s Arcade, directed by Nirvan Mullick, about this amazing 9-year-old kid named Caine who made his own home-made cardboard arcade. I know, it doesn’t sound great, but just watch it, you’ll understand the heart and the passion that this kid put into this (yea) and it’s awesome. I love great short films that tell a great story, and this is a must watch. Nirvan, who is in this, deserves some credit, too. “This kid’s a genius!” Many sites have been posting this recently, including and Twitch. The short was posted online officially on Nirvan’s Vimeo. I love that Caine’s wearing a little blue “staff” shirt with “Caine’s Arcade” on the back, just like out …

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