Watch: Indie Pot Comedy ‘High School’ New Official Release Trailer

“You sick, twisted freaks – you did get the whole school high!” Finally this film is being released! And this trailer is hilarious. Anchor Bay Entertainment has debuted an official trailer on Apple for John Stalberg’s indie pot/marijuana comedy High School, aka HIGH School, a Sundance film that premiered in 2010. I thought it was hilarious (my review) and you can certainly see why with this trailer, as it’s all out marijuana madness! Matt Bush stars as a kid who has to get his entire high school stoned. Michael Chiklis plays the principal, Colin Hanks a teacher, and best of all, Adrien Brody as a the crazy dealer “Psycho Ed”. Hit it! Watch the official theatrical trailer for John Stalberg’s High School, in high def via Apple: A high school valedictorian who gets baked with the local stoner finds himself the subject of a drug test. The situation causes him to concoct …

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