Watch: Journey Through Decades of Terror with ‘The Horror Portfolio’

At the end of the year, we featured a pretty well-done retrospective of 2011 through cinema from Alex “hatinhand” which wrapped up the year pretty nicely. Now the editor has set his sights on a specific genre with an all-new video coming in the form of The Horror Portfolio. As you might guess, Alex has crafted a video looking back at horror films through the decades complete with some of the most iconic scenes from your favorite terrifying films and even a couple recognizable pieces of music to tie it all together. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a dissection of more genres like this coming later, but for now enjoy this one below! Here’s Alex’s tribute montage to horror throughout the decades in The Horror Portfolio (via BuzzFeed): For a full list of the films and music used in the video, check out the YouTube page right here. Of the passion project …

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