Watch: New Trailer for Teen Party Movie ‘Project X’ with Early Quotes

“Like Superbad on crack.” Are you ready for this party? Warner Bros has debuted a second official trailer in HD via Apple for Project X, the upcoming “secret” teen party movie produced by Todd Phillips (of Old School, The Hangover, Due Date). The first trailer for Project X featured a rather surprising unveiling for just how massive this party is, and this trailer does the same, but also tosses in some peculiar uncredited, nondescript quotes from an “early screening”. I’m not even sure those are real? Anyway, it still looks fun as hell for a massive party movie, especially when it gets totally wild with the car and flamethrower. Have fun! Watch the second trailer for Todd Phillips & Nima Nourizadeh’s Project X, via Apple: You can also download this newest Project X trailer in High Definition on Apple Three high school seniors throw a birthday party …

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