Watch: Wacky, Fun ‘Pac-Man: The Movie’ Fan-Made Short Online

Wakka wakky! Yea, here we go. Following that Tron-like Mega Man X low budget short we featured the other day, numerous readers kept telling me to watch and feature another great YouTube short based on a video game, but this time it’s something completely wacky. The short is titled just Pac-Man, essentially Pac-Man: The Movie, a full-on six minute long Tron-meets-Matrix-meets-Michael Bay-style take on the 8-bit classic game. It was just revealed in full by Machinima last week. Yep, it’s as fantastic as everyone is saying, and a very fun watch for the holiday weekend if you’ve got nothing else better to watch. See it below! Hope everyone is happy that I finally posted this short film, too! Pac-Man, or “Project Yellow Sphere”, was directed by James Farr, who also wrote and stars in this (as the nerdy guy who controls the joystick). For more info, visit or for more …

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