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2012 Marks 25th Anniversary for 5 Cult Classics

Lots of great movies come out every year, but movie goers of 1987 were treated to more awesomeness than Chuck Norris and Mr. T. combined. Several awesome sewuels came out that year, including Evil dead 2 and Aliens, but several favored franchises started this year.

5) The Lost Boys

2012 Marks 25th Anniversary for 5 Cult Classics, The NEW Hollywood Video
And not one, but TWO Coreys! And some other guy!

Before they became overly emo (thanks Anne Rice), vampires were good at two things: being more bad ass than Johnny Cash and killing people for their blood while not giving a damn. The Lost Boys is the pinnacle of 1980’s vampire movies. Starring Kiefer Sutherland as head vampire David, this movie was probably the greatest bit of acting he did until 24.

While this movie did have some straight-to-DVD sequels, the original is the one you have to see. It’s never truly scary, but it does have some unexpected sights, including a five year old vampire.

4) Spaceballs

Mel Brooks classic parody of Star Wars, this could be one of the greatest movies he ever made. The jokes are funny even after 25 years, and since it makes fun of movies people still watch, it’s making new fans every day.

From ludicrous speed to raspberry jam to space Winnebagos to a secret combination only an idiot woul pick, this movie is a non-stop laugh riot. Watch it, and may the Schwarz be with you.

3) Princess Bride

2012 Marks 25th Anniversary for 5 Cult Classics, The NEW Hollywood Video
If you don’t know his name by now, we’re not telling you.

It’s hard to believe that the story of Wesley and Buttercup is 25 years old. It’s a testament to the timelessness of the story that people are still watching, and quoting, it today.

The Princess Bride has brought us Rodents Of Unusual Size and a particular emphasis on the word “Inconcievable!” It’s a story of love and romance that’s funny as hell and has some great action scenes.

2) Predator

Arguably the greatest action movie ever, Predator was pure visceral pleasure delivered in a thick Austrian accent. No one can forget the first time they see the predator without a mask on and realize he looks like the combination of a facehugger and the lizard people from V.

2012 Marks 25th Anniversary for 5 Cult Classics, The NEW Hollywood Video
It also had not one, but TWO future governors. Who saw that coming?

What makes this movie great is it never fails to deliver the action. It has a plot, but promptly, and understandably, forgets about it after the predator starts mercing the mercs. This movie has spawned several sequels and cross-overs, but none of them are as good as the original.

Plus, it has the coolest action figures available.

1) Robocop

Robocop tops the list not because its titular hero has literal balls of steel, or that it’s villain is also the guy who played Red in That 70’s Show. Or that it’s a pretty gritty look at some serious social issues, even though most people miss that part.

2012 Marks 25th Anniversary for 5 Cult Classics, The NEW Hollywood Video
Eric, you're a Dumbass!

No, it’s at the top for two reasons. One, because their dystopian future Detroit ended up not being dystopian enough. And two, they said cops of the future would be driving Ford Taurus cop cars, which would have been laughable, except it’s totally happening next year. The standard Crown Vic is being retired next year and replaced with the Ford Taurus Interceptor.

Coincidentally, just like Predators, Robocop action figures are freaking awesome too. Now, is that really a coincidence? Or is it because we have our rooms filled with these toys that we like them so much?

Let us know in the comments.

2012 Marks 25th Anniversary for 5 Cult Classics, The NEW Hollywood Video

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