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Cloud Atlas With Tom Hanks And Halle Berry – 6 Minute Trailer Rocks!

Let me preface by saying I am a huge Wachowskis fan. The Matrix trilogy continues to be one of my favorite trilogies of all time. And I even thought Speed Racer was an enjoyable romp. But Cloud Atlas had me skeptical.

The book it’s based on is dense, weaving in and out of storylines, spanning literally centuries. We’re talking six separate, but interconnected, storylines. It seemed by many to be un-filmable.

Didn’t See That One Coming

Then, they released an almost six-minute trailer. And my jaw dropped.
Everything from the music to the visuals looked amazing. The trailer is epic in scope, giving audiences a hint that the movie (which is reportedly 160 minutes long) will be more than just a film; it’ll be an experience.

Tom Hanks and Halle Berry get the spotlight in the trailer. And, in the short glimpses we get, their performances are impressive.

Mind Blowing Trailer

The trailer shows this film is grand in scope, yet in the end, it’s about the human experience. Yes, the movie has action, but it’s the performances that drive the movie. It’s about the past, present and future, but above all else, it’s about the human experience.

What makes the trailer so great is hard to put into words. But let me try anyway:

  1. Watch the trailer and you will see a movie that is not only potentially the best film of the year, but we could be seeing one of the best in recent memory.
  2. This film isn’t for those with short attention spans. But, for those who enjoy something epic, it may not get any better than Cloud Atlas.
  3. It teases the quality of the film without spilling major plot points, like so many trailers do these days.

Sensory Overload

In the directors’ introduction, they said this film is hard to explain. They’re absolutely right. But it’s breathtakingly gorgeous, incredibly ambitious and reminds us why going to the movies is so great in the first place; to get an unrivaled experience that both moves us and leaves us in awe.

Time Will Tell

If for nothing else but the trailer, we’re in for a classic.

Cloud Atlas comes to theaters October 2012.

Cloud Atlas With Tom Hanks And Halle Berry – 6 Minute Trailer Rocks!, The NEW Hollywood Video

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