Come With Me If You Want To Live!

The giveaways keep on coming! As soon as our Twilight giveaway wrapped up, we asked ourselves an important questions. If the world were about to end, what would be a fitting giveaway? The answer: the king of destruction, this 18″ Terminator Endoskeleton action figure from T2 – Judgement Day, provided to us by NECA.

endo package

The Prize

The winner of this giveaway will receive an 18″ Light-Up Terminator 2 Endoskeleton:

18 inch terminator figure

The T-800 Endoskeleton figure features the signature glowing red eyes that we all fear and love. He also includes a battle rifle.

This 100% accurate T-800 Terminator Endoskeleton is the same model that was sent back in time to help protect John Connor from the T-1000 that Skynet sent after him. Even though he looks like an ordinary human (as ordinary as Arnold Schwarzenegger can look) he is an extremely efficient killing machine. Standing at an astounding 18″ tall, this figure is the perfect centerpiece for any collection.

The Contest

In order to enter this giveaway you just need to answer the following question – “What was the tech company which developed Skynet?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Final Details

If you want to win this fantastic prize, entry is simple. All you need to do is answer the trivia question, but you can gain an advantage with Facebook and Twitter.

  • This contest will run from 12/11/12 until 12/17/12
  • The winner will be selected randomly and notified via email
  • People outside the US may participate, but we can only ship the prize within the US

As long as the world doesn’t actually end, we will have even more giveaways in the future. Be sure to let us know what you want to see as a prize next!

Good Luck!