Finally, catch the trailer for Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope over at Apple.

Morgan Spurlock, Academy Award nominated director of Super Size Me, takes you behind the scenes to San Diego, California, in the world’s largest comic book convention – the San Diego Comic Con.

A Ninja Turtle Walks Into A Bar…

Cowabunga Dude!

“Go on a rollercoaster, put your head in a jar of marbles and drop acid and that’s sort of what it’s like to be at Comic Con for 5 minutes.”

Seth Green, Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith are just a few stars that make an appearance at the yearly comic convention, also known as Comic Con. Watch the trailer and see the fandom taken to a completely different level. Get a preview of the only place where you’ll see Ninja Turtles waiting in line for the bathroom, Luke Skywalker and Wolverine having a nice little chat, a Transformer withdrawing money from an ATM, or Captain America asking a Zombie for directions.

The Force Is With them

Stan Lee

During the trailer, thanks to Morgan Spurlock, Stan Lee and the rest of their brilliant team, the world will catch a glimpse of what exactly goes on during these conventions. The following are producing the film:

  • Iconic Comic book writer, Stan Lee
  • Writer and director of the movie The Avengers, Joss Whedon
  • CEO of Legendary Pictures, Thomas Tull
  • Ain’t It Cool News founder, Harry Knowles
  • Jeremy Chilnick, who also produced Freakonomics, among others
  • Matthew Galkin, producer of The Dotted Line

Watch The Trailer At!

Ever since it was announced that this project will be released in theaters, loyal Comic Con attendees and fans are excited over any news, big or small. Well, the world gets a little taste of Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. Make sure to check it out and, of course, watch it in theaters this summer!

Watch the Comic Con official trailer now