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Update On The Hunger Games Movie Product Line Shipping Date!

So, last week we revealed the awesome line of products for the Hunger Games movie. We’ve received positive feed back from all of the passionate fans and the people at NECA are working extra hard to get everyone their products as quickly as possible (the premiere is right around the corner!). Let us update you on what we know and what is going on as far as the products go.

If You’re Happy, We’re Happy

Update On The Hunger Games Movie Product Line Shipping Date!, The NEW Hollywood Video
There's something for everyone!

We are ecstatic to see everyone’s positive feedback for the Hunger Games movie line. The training shirt and Katniss’ bow has everyones undivided attention, but we are pleased to see items like the pajama sets, socks and unique jewelry get some love as well. The whole line truly has something for everyone. It’s the little things, right?

“I need that training shirt in time for the premiere!”

We hear you loud and clear! A higher-up at at NECA just informed us that Amazon should be receiving the Hunger Games products at the end of next week and start shipping them out to customers around February 20th. To avoid further delay in getting your bows, training shirts, socks, pajama sets etc, NECA suggests you pre-order any products you’re dying to get your hands on, just in case all of you want the same thing. Quantities are limited!

Update On The Hunger Games Movie Product Line Shipping Date!, The NEW Hollywood Video
How awesome is the arena jacket??

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

To all the fans, we appreciate your patience! Your beloved products are not going anywhere. As mentioned above, if all goes according to plan, Amazon should be shipping out to customers around February 20th. As a reminder, we urge you to pre-order your items to ensure you get them as quickly as possible. NECA is predicting items such as the Mockingjay pin/necklaces, the training shirt, arena jacket, fleece throws, arena bag, well pretty much all of the items, to be in high demand. So try and get your orders. Happy shopping!

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