Abrams Gives Vague Quotes on ‘Into Darkness’ with New Set of Photos

“You think your world is safe – it is an illusion.” There’s no question that thanks to the early teaser trailers and hype they have been building, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness is one of our most anticipated movies of 2013. A few weeks ago, I attended a special event at the Bad Robot offices in Santa Monica where the cast and crew was on hand to talk, guardedly, about the sci-fi sequel. While we learned a few interesting things then, more quotes have started to arrive from J.J. Abrams, and villain Benedict Cumberbatch, courtesy of new interviews with other outlets. Empire has also debuted a batch of photos in their new issue. Some of these quotes come from the pages of Empire (via The Playlist), where they’ve teased some of the photos and quotes online (but not everything yet), as well as from TrekMovie where they’ve been keeping track …

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