Adam Lambert: As Faggy As He Wants To Be [Music]

As tied up as we are in waiting for legislation to catch up with our humanity, being a gay man can be supremely liberating. This is especially so on a behavioral level. (I assume this is similar for queer people of all and/or no genders, but I’m just speaking from experience here.) To be at peace with your queerness is to allow yourself to do whatever the fuck. We’re not really expected to adhere to the heteronormative confines of masculinity, so why should we? Getting over the fear of being called a faggot really opens up the possibilities of how you represent yourself – you can be as masculine and/or as feminine as you are and/or see fit at a moment’s notice. We still have to mind our environment (so, like, ease up on the lip liner in Uganda), but given the right place, we are freer than most. More »

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