Alec Baldwin & James Toback are Shooting a Secret Film in Cannes?

Wait – what?! They’re filming a secret film in Cannes, about Cannes, right now? Apparently it is indeed true. I was sent a link last week to an article on Forbes talking about how Alec Baldwin, who appears in Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love (not premiering here), will be in town filming a movie the entire time he’s here. Filmmaker James Toback (of Fingers, Love & Money, The Big Bang, Black and White, Tyson) is directing it, he “has an idea”, and it’s supposedly “a feature or a mocumentary about… the Cannes Film Festival.” Very, very interesting. Baldwin has already been spotted in town with Toback, so it’s all real. It’s happening. The article on Forbes doesn’t seem to have many extra details, as they go on to say that it’s a “secret” film being shot in Cannes. “The film crew will be hitting all the big parties and events, …

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