Andrea Arnold’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ Adaptation Gets a New Trailer

Wuthering Heights is one of those classic English novels that you probably had to read in high school. It was written by Emily Brontë, who was the sister of Charlotte, the author of Jane Eyre, which was adapted into a film starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender last year. Director Andrea Arnold adapted Wuthering Heights in the same year, but it’s just now making its way across the Atlantic for a U.S. release, and Vulture has scored an exclusive trailer that gives us a better look that the original teaser did last year. It looks like she did a terrific job bringing this intensely passionate love story to the screen. Watch it below! Here’s the new trailer for Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights from Vulture: Based on Emily Brontë classic novel, Wuthering Heights follows a poor young English boy named Heathcliff taken in by the wealthy Earnshaw family where he develops an intense …

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