Andrew Garfield Surprises ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Fans

Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans and director Marc Webb also pop in during 3-D premiere of new trailer.
By Kevin P. Sullivan
Andrew Garfield in “The Amazing Spider-Man”
Photo: Marvel / Columbia Pictures NEW YORK — Spider-Man fans came out in droves around the globe and in the web-slinger’s hometown to get “a sneak peek into the untold story” from the upcoming film. That’s all they knew when they lined up hours early outside Manhattan’s Regal Union Square. As similar events were taking place in major cities worldwide, no one in the audience knew about the surprises four of the events, in particular, held in store. MTV News’ Josh Horowitz moderated the New York event and welcomed fans as they took their seats. The theater grew quiet, and a live feed from L.A. replaced the Spider-Man insignia on the screen. The L.A. host welcomed the director of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” Marc Webb, to join him on-camera. Webb threw it to Rio de Janeiro, where Emma Stone was introduced. A trip across the pond revealed the film’s villain, Rhys Ifans, but it wasn’t until the special guest in New York that the crowd lost their minds. Andrew Garfield, the man behind the mask, stepped out from a side door, inciting an out-of-control roar from the theater. A man shouted “Hallelujah” from the crowd, and Garfield couldn’t help but agree: “Hallelujah. You said exactly what was on my mind,” he said. “It means the world to all of us that you care so much. Thank you for being here.” Back in L.A., Webb instructed the audiences around the world to put on their 3-D glasses for the new trailer for “Amazing Spider-Man,” hours before the world premiere. Each of the four special guests then answered a question about the upcoming film. Webb addressed the new story and villain. Stone described how Gwen Stacy is the polar opposite to Mary Jane Watson. Ifans explained how Dr. Connors’ flaws make him more significant and how the connection to Peter’s father makes the film more emotional. Garfield answered a simple question — “Why did you want to be Spider-Man?” — in a simple and honest way: “Because I’m not an idiot,” he said. “It’s the thing everyone wants.” He explained that the role doesn’t belong to him, the character belongs to everyone. Garfield even expressed hopes that the next actor to play Peter Parker would be “half Hispanic/half African-American,” like the current iteration of Spider-Man in the Ultimate run, Miles Morales. The event concluded with an extended sizzle reel, lasting about seven minutes in all, of new 2-D footage, much of which was unfinished. Scenes included an awkward and cute scene between Peter and Gwen and a short sequence showing Peter developing his powers. Check out everything we’ve got on “The Amazing Spider-Man.” For breaking news and previews of the latest comic book movies — updated around the clock — visit

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