Angelina Jolie Focuses on Philanthropy and Hits a Berlin Red Carpet With Brad

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continued their visit to Berlin today after he made a quick pit stop in London over the weekend to attend the BAFTAs. He was nominated for best actor at the British film celebration, which aired yesterday evening, though The Artist star Jean Dujardin ended up taking home the honor. Brad and Angelina first flew to Germany last week for the Berlin Film Festival, where Angelina hosted a premiere of her directorial debut In the Land of Blood and Honey. Angelina’s film and her philanthropic ties are closely related, and today, she joined the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for a workshop on sexual violence and child soldiers at a Berlin hotel. After the meeting, she reunited with Brad at the Cinema for Peace gala, where she was given an award for her film’s message against genocide and war. Before accepting the honor this evening, Angelina told reporters she hopes the movie is actually difficult for audiences to see. She said, “It’s a strange thing to say as a director and a filmmaker, but I want people to be very uncomfortable when they watch it, and they should be upset and they should want some intervention, and they should want it to stop and they should be angry.” View Slideshow ›

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