Another Official US Trailer for Kevin Macdonald’s Bob Marley Doc

“My richness is life.” Magnolia Pictures has decided to unleash their own official trailer via Apple for Kevin Macdonald’s Bob Marley doc, titled just Marley, to follow-up the UK one we just posted earlier this week. While it has the same style and structure as that first trailer, it features a bit more footage, and a few changes, like no more Facebook statistic and no more use of the word “weed” (damn the MPAA). Otherwise, this still looks very good, like a solid and well-researched doc looking at the life and times of reggae king Bob Marley. After watching this, I think it’s now time to kick back listening to Bob Marley if I may. Enjoy! Here’s the official US trailer for Kevin Macdonald’s documentary Marley, via Apple: You can also download this new Marley trailer in High Definition over on Apple Marley was originally supposed to be directed by Silence of the …

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