Barbra Streisand Gives Perfect Interview to the Times, Is Perfect

Buried within the Movie section of this weekend’s New York Times is an interview with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, who are promoting their upcoming project The Guilt Trip, a movie about which I have no opinion. Between the title (“It’s a road trip with a physical destination, yes, but it’s also an emotional trip, you know?”) and the awful winking posters plastered everywhere, it seems safe to say it will not be good, but nothing is certain. That said, this interview is full of absolute treasures, every single one of which falls from Barbra Streisand’s lips. Seth Rogen said things too, but they are of no interest for our purposes (he likes working but also being at home, he seems smart and unobjectionable and I have nothing else to say on the matter). More »

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