Beautiful Images & First Clip Found on the Official ‘Life of Pi’ Website

I really hope this becomes as big of a hit as it looks like it should be. 20th Century Fox has launched a brand new official website for Life of Pi, and it doesn’t contain too much yet but is worth seeing. The studio just started an unconventional marketing plan for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi adaptation, about an Indian boy stuck on a boat in the ocean with a tiger, showing full clips in 3D in front of their movies (Prometheus has one right now). The site shows a brief opening clip, but also contains five new beautiful images (integrated into the site) but they were all stunning enough to feature today. Plus, I’m going crazy with anticipation for this film. Click on any of the five new images below to see their website, the first opening clip, and higher res versions. And here’s the first official Life of Pi clip …

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