Ben’s Video Blog: Disney’s Wonderful Animated Short ‘Paperman’

There’s something undeniably special about hand-drawn animation, and Disney’s newest short Paperman takes that concept in an exciting new direction. Director John Kahrs makes his directorial debut with an innovative form of animation that begins with CG models and employs a hand-drawn style over the top of them, eventually combining the two into a look that’s both fresh and somehow instantly familiar. It’s about a New York man who has a chance encounter with the girl of his dreams, and the lengths he goes to see her again. We were shown this short film as part of an early Disney press event for Wreck-It Ralph (which we’ll cover more of tomorrow) which this will be playing in front of in November. Our first thoughts below. Following the event, Germain Lussier from SlashFilm and I recorded a short video blog on Paperman: We sort of dance around the premise of the short in …

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