Best of 2011: Who Is Your Favorite Shirtless Star?

This year was a memorable year for shirtless moments! David Beckham spent the Summer in Malibu surfing the waves, while Jake Gyllenhaal showed skin in Hawaii on a family vacation. Zac Efron was top dog in our annual shirtless bracket, and buff newcomer Andrew Garfield revealed what he’s been hiding under his extra tight Spiderman suit. With so many good looking men to chose from, tell us – which hot guy is your favorite shirtless star of 2011? Also, don’t miss all our Best of 2011 coverage across the PopSugar Network! Best of 2011: Who Is Your Favorite Shirtless Star? David Beckham – The soccer stud has one fine form. Zac Efron – Be on the lookout for his bulging biceps. Hugh Jackman – The man from Oz has muscles for days. Will Smith – His pecs and shoulders are legendary. Jake Gyllenhaal – Say hello to his washboard abs! Andrew Garfield – This newcomer is making shirtless waves. Matthew McConaughey – Running keeps his six-pack ripped. Robert Pattinson – We loved seeing him strip down for Breaking Dawn Tom Cruise – All those stunts definitely do a body good.

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