Brand New ‘Robocop’ Viral Launches, Featuring Look at the ED-209

You have to love the summer, with Comic-Con and The Dark Knight Rises around the corner. A new viral website has launched for the upcoming sci-fi remake of Robocop, following in the footsteps of Total Recall, remaking Vorhoeven’s sci-fi classics. The newly launched site (via SHH) is for the fictional corporation in the film called OmniCorp (, and boasts the motto: “We’ve got the future under control.” But do they really? Oh, the fun of viral marketing, putting you into that world first-hand. The site has a video and a first look at the badass robot the “ED-209” that fans will certainly remember from the original movies. The new OmniCorp site also shows this video in the “Product Line” area, but all other links say “Access Denied” or don’t work. Obviously this is only the start of the viral, as José Padilha’s Robocop is just starting. The site primarily features two robotic …

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