Brilliant Rorschach Art for ‘The Master’ Makes a Real French Poster

What do you see? A few months back, a promo flyer for one of PTA’s surprise 70mm screenings of The Master was made of a subtly beautiful bit of rorschach artwork. It made its way around the web, rightfully so because it was stunning art to see used as actual promo material. Of course, now the art has been picked up and used in France on an actual poster. The connection is in Joaquin Phoenix’s character Freddie, who is given a Rorschach test at one point. Playlist has found a French poster (touting a January 2013 release) that uses the art. Brilliant. I’m sure it was another PTA creation and I’m glad to share it, because it is impressive. Thanks to The Playlist for posting, here’s the French poster for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master in full: Here’s the original artwork from the San Francisco 70mm screening of The Master. Via Cigs …

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