Brit Marling & Wes Bentley Join Terrence Malick’s ‘Green Blade Rises’

Last month we got word of another Abe Lincoln centric film called The Green Blade Rises from producer Terrence Malick with A.J. Edwards (editing Malick’s To the Wonder), who also wrote the script. Diane Kruger and Jason Clarke are playing Lincoln’s step mother and step father in a story chronicling Lincoln’s youth, and now a press release reveals two new additions to the cast. Brit Marling (Another Earth) and Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games) have joined the cast. Marling is playing Nancy, Lincoln’s biological mother who faced the difficulties of pioneer life, while Bentley is playing Lincoln’s first teacher. Read on! As the press release explains, “The Green Blade Rises tells the untold story of the youth of America’s greatest hero. It chronicles the hardships that shaped him, including abandonment by his father in the harsh winter wilderness, the tragedy that marked him forever and the two women who guided him …

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