Bruce Willis Headed to the CIA for Adaptation of ‘American Assassin’

Just this past February we learned that Traitor director Jeffrey Nachmanoff was going to direct an adaptation of Vince Flynn’s novel American Assassin for CBS Films. Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing the film that’s the first time the recurring character Mitch Rapp comes the big screen. Now Variety reports Bruce Willis in talks to take a supporting role in the film. The story follows Rapp, a former Syracuse grad student who joins the CIA after his girlfriend his killed by a terrorist attack. Willis is taking the role of a CIA operative who serves as Rapp’s mentor. It’s his commitment that will allow the studio to move forward and find a young lead actor now. You can count on Liam Hemsworth being on that shortlist. CBS Films acquired all of Vince Flynn’s novels featuring Mitch Rapp, so this could very well turn into their own Jack Ryan-esque franchise. Originally CBS Films …

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