Cannes 2012 Review: No Love for Michael Haneke’s ‘Love’ (‘Amour’)

I have found my least favorite film of the Cannes Film Festival so far. And it’s the film many critics are calling the best of the festival. But I can’t stand it. I sat through all two hours of this boring, tasteless, bland film and still got nothing out of it. I was absolutely baffled hearing weeping all around me as it started to reach the end. People actually liked this? How? Maybe I’m just young, too young, to appreciate a film about growing old and dying (when I’m just starting the bigger part of my life). Maybe it’s just Haneke expressing his inner concern for his nearing end (he’s 70 years old). Whatever it was, I hated it. Impressive? No way. Amour, or simply just Love in English, is the latest film from award winning Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke (who won the Palme d’Or a few years ago). I will …

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