Charles Dickens Getting a Parkour Update in 3D Action Film ‘Twist’

The line between fake movie premises and real ones is becoming increasingly small in today’s movie landscape. A few years ago, it was obvious that certain films were never going to get a greenlight because their concepts were simply too ludicrous to imagine. But this news story has me scratching my head and rethinking what is possible in the movie industry today. Variety reports that Red Bull’s media branch is producing a 3D parkour movie called Twist, based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel Oliver Twist. The modern-day story sees the kids in the Fagin Gang using parkour to pull off a series of art heists. Um, what? So who’s responsible for this? The Brothers Lynch, who have directed short films before but haven’t tackled a feature, came up with the modern retelling with Simon Thomas, but the “written by” credit is actually going to Kevin Lehane, the writer of a midnight …

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