Check Out This Massive Mosaic of a ‘Star Wars’ Themed Last Supper

There’s no denying that Star Wars is always going to be present in pop culture in nearly every form. Even living a lifestyle based around parts of the sci-fi franchise is possible with the expensive books The Jedi Path and The Book of Sith. Though each has become a strange religion of sorts among certain hardcore fans, digital artist Avinash Aurora (which just sounds like a Star Wars character) has crafted a huge mosaic that combines religion and Star Wars in a new way. Aurora has put together an image of The Last Supper but replaced Jesus Christ and the rest of the Biblical gang with characters from the Star Wars universe. Here’s Avinah Aurora’s mosaic of The Last Supper with Star Wars characters via The Daily What Geek: And so you can see how big this mosaic is, here’s a diagram of the frames used to compose the image: The specs for …

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