Check These Out: Stunning Neon Sign Pink ‘Drive’ Logo Poster Set

One of the best films of last year which sadly did not win any Oscars last night was Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, which had one nomination but it didn’t win (Hugo did). While many complained about the film’s odd, lackluster marketing—some didn’t even like the pink logo in the film—I thought it fit well considering it was Refn’s artistic choice and I love absolutely every last frame of the movie. There have been handfuls of fan-made posters since, but this one takes the cake. RopeofSilicon has found a poster set for Drive designed by Belgian artist Rizon Parein that features a stunning 3D pink neon sign made as the logo in the film. It looks amazing put together, and I want a copies of all of these right away. Hell, I want the neon sign itself! His site says he made these “because Drive just screams for neon.” I can agree with …

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