Check This Out: First Official Concept Art from Marvel’s ‘Iron Man 3’

We’ve only gotten one official photo from the set of Iron Man 3 in production over in North Carolina, but now we have another look at the anticipated Marvel sequel (which will hopefully have some good stuff to show off at Comic-Con next week). A piece of concept art from Ryan Meinerding has just surfaced from what looks like the start of an actions sequence in Iron Man 3. Tony Stark isn’t even in full armor, but he seems to have gotten partially suited up. Why is his index finger golden now? Has that always been like that? Why are people drawing guns on him? Who knows! But you should check out the concept art below! Here’s the first piece of concept art from Iron Man 3 via the franchise’s official Facebook page: Hopefully we’ll get some context for this concept art when Marvel comes to Comic-Con with Iron Man 3 next …

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