Chris Nolan Says ‘TDKR’ to Have Up to 50 Minutes of IMAX Footage

Whoa. If that’s not a headline to remember, than I don’t know what is! To top off the amazing six-minute IMAX prologue to The Dark Knight Rises that I saw last night (video blog here), our friends at SlashFilm have picked up a very exciting IMAX scoop that’s deserving of its own post. At the post-screening reception, they caught up with director Christopher Nolan, who mentioned during their discussion the potential amount of footage that was actually shot on IMAX that will make it into the movie. And it’s up to 50 minutes of it. Holy crap! After seeing only six minutes, I can tell you seeing 50 is going to be phenomenal. Nolan gave some specific quotes to about the length and how he tried to shoot as much as possible in the large-scale format, which is always great to hear. He even shot some dialogue scenes, which is …

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