Chris Nolan Talks ‘TDKR’ Ending & More in FSLC In-Depth Interview

Earlier this week, the Film Society of Lincoln Center hosted “A Conversation with Christopher Nolan”, moderated by Scott Foundas, who talked in-depth with the filmmaker at the Walter Reade Theater in the Lincoln Center. In addition to a number of excellent quotes and highlights from that discussion, Foundas has also put up the entire discussion with Nolan online on Film Comment, and it covers many fascinating topics. Numerous readers have emailed me, urging that we mention some of his more intriguing quotes, like those about the ending of The Dark Knight Rises and Batman’s origins. A few of the best quotes below. It’s a massive and impressive interview, worth reading in its entirety, so I suggest visiting Film Comment to see it. Here are a few of the quotes that intrigued me, starting Nolan’s interest in Batman to begin with: “I had in mind a sort of treatment of Batman that Richard …

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