Chris Nolan Will Executive Produce Wally Pfister’s Directorial Debut

Scorsese and DiCaprio. Spielberg and Williams. Burton and Elfman. You might also add cinematographer Wally Pfister and director Christopher Nolan to that list, since they have one of the most well-regarded working relationships in Hollywood. Pfister won a well-deserved Oscar for his work on Inception, and he’s been the director of photography on all of Nolan’s films except Following, the directorial debut which Nolan shot himself. Now, THR reports that the two will reunite in a different way for their next project, as Nolan will executive produce Pfister’s own feature directorial debut shooting later this year. More info below! Looks like Pfister has learned a few tricks from his long-time collaborator, because this project is completely shrouded in secrecy so far. We don’t have a title, a logline, or any details whatsoever about it. That’s a pretty impressive accomplishment these days with sites like ours scouring for details, and as much …

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