Chris Nolan’s Brief Advice to the Next Filmmaker Taking on Batman

This isn’t so much a big piece of news, as it just a cool filmmaker’s “tip” to tie in with everything Batman and Christopher Nolan. The director hasn’t done too many interviews, and doesn’t speak with any press from online, but Empire (being a magazine) was lucky enough to catch up with him for an interview, which they ran in this podcast. points out a great quote during the interview with “advice” to anyone who will be taking on the Batman character in future years. Yea, you know what we mean. He’s done, but I think even Nolan knows Warner Bros/DC Comics will likely bring back Batman back, one day. While everyone seems to be anxiously discussing spin-offs or potential continuations of The Dark Knight Rises, I have a feeling Nolan is definitely finished with this world. We likely won’t see another Batman until Warner Bros decides to reboot again, …

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