Christopher Nolan Will Not Produce New Batman for ‘Justice League’

With talk swirling around a potential Justice League movie following in the footsteps of Marvel’s massive superhero ensemble The Avengers, there’s been a lot of buzz round Christopher Nolan being involved since Batman will obviously have a place in the DC Comics team-up. This isn’t just fan speculation as over a year ago Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov said that Nolan and his wife/producing partner Emma Thomas would be involved with a reboot of Batman, one that would fit into the more fantastical universe that Justice League would have to inhabit. However, Nolan recently said that this is simply not the case. Thomas already said that she couldn’t imagine Nolan ever directing another Batman film after The Dark Knight Rises, but the director himself took that a bit further when speaking to the Associated Press. When asked whether or not Nolan was planning to have any involvement in the inception if …

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