Christopher Nolan’s Next is an Original Idea Featuring Michael Caine

While much of the talk surrounding Christopher Nolan leading up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises next week has been about what he won’t be doing (directing another Batman film or even producing a new version for Justice League), now we have a small thread on what Nolan is preparing to follow his conclusion to the Dark Knight legend. In speaking with Empire, the incomparable Michael Caine talked about his thoughts on Nolan leaving behind the Batman franchise and agreed with his decision to walk away from the comic book hero saying, “He’s got to go on.” But it’s what he said next that’s really interesting. Caine went on to say, “He’s got some other idea, and I’m in it! I’ve been in everything he’s done since he’s been in Hollywood. We’re each others’ good luck charms. I always say to him, ‘I’m not your good luck charm, you …

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