Comic-Con 2012: Final Set of Showfloor Photos Give One Last Look

As is my tradition, I usually make one last run through on the Comic-Con showfloor on Sunday, primarily because it’s the only other time I can actually make it on there besides Preview Night, and because I love snapping a few extra photos of any cool stuff I can find before the doors close until year. Tired as always, I still made my annual trek over to the showfloor yesterday one more time to find what I could and snap some photos. I stopped by Marvel’s booth again for that new Iron Man armor, plus Sideshow Collectibles, as well as the Bond booth, and I found a pretty good Bane costume/mask. Our final set of SDCC 2012 photos below. Up first, here’s a banner outside of the hall for the new Evil Dead remake. Only marketing for it I saw here. The Indiana Jones Blu-Ray (real, live) snake display – not as …

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