Composer Marco Beltrami Scoring Marc Forster’s ‘World War Z’ Movie

Some interesting scoring news to wrap up this year, for a highly anticipated film that will arrive at the end of next year. Film Music Reporter (via STYD) is reporting that composer Marco Beltrami has signed on to do the score for Marc Forster’s adaptation of Max Brooks’ World War Z, about the zombie apocalypse. The film stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale and Bryan Cranston and finished shooting this year, but isn’t slated for release until December next year. Beltrami most recently worked on Scream 4, The Thing remake and The Woman in Black, and also has a few other projects in the works besides this one. Oscar nominated composer Marco Beltrami is somewhat of a franchise guy, working on the Scream series and other genre flicks, including Live Free or Die Hard and now the upcoming A Good Day to Die Hard. Yea, remember this unnecessary sequel? …

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