Could Nina Dobrev Appear In ‘Fifty Shades’ Movie With Ian Somerhalder?

‘All I’ve heard is that it’s very scandalous, to say the least,’ Dobrev tells MTV News of the best-selling book.
By Jocelyn Vena
Nina Dobrev
Photo: MTV News Nina Dobrev hasn’t read the best-selling “Fifty Shades of Grey” just yet, but with every young starlet’s name floating around as a possible contender for the female lead, literature student Anastasia Steele, she might want to start reading up. “All I’ve heard is that it’s very scandalous, to say the least,” the “Vampire Diaries” star told MTV News. “I haven’t read it, but who knows? I mean, well, I guess we’ll have to see.” Fans of the erotic trilogy might not mind seeing Dobrev get her S&M on with her “Diaries” co-star Ian Somerhalder in the big-screen adaptation of the E L James book. But she confessed that if she does play the part, she wouldn’t want to have Somerhalder playing the millionaire beau, Christian Grey. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” she said. “I think it’s best for any of the actors on the ‘Vampire Diaries’ to kind of do their own things … and create new characters. And as much as you try when you shoot a movie, if it’s two of the same people, the fans will always see you as … they’ll see me as Elena and they’ll see him as Damon if we do a film together.” So, that means “Fifty” fans will only get either Dobrev or Somerhalder if either gets cast in the film. And Dobrev is most certainly rooting for him. “I think it would be better [if] either he should get it or I should get it,” she said. “I know that apparently he’s really great for the role, so I hope that he gets it.” Given how sexy the book is, casting might not be the only challenge. Some fans are wondering how they can adapt the highly charged sex scenes for an R-rated version of the film. “Making this movie will absolutely be a challenge. It is going to take a devoted director who admittedly likes the books and understands that, first and foremost, this is a love story,” Lisa Parker from told MTV News. “If telling the love story is the main focus, then we do believe the steamy sex scenes can be shot and edited in a way to get us an R-rated movie rather than NC-17 … [the fans] are confident that Ms. James will protect the integrity of her story regardless of the ultimate rating.” Who would you like to see cast in the film version of “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Tell us in the comments.

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