Danny McBride to Write & Star in R-Rated Camp Trip Comedy ‘Clown’

Though Danny McBride has been working in comedy for a long time, the multi-talented actor, writer, and producer is about to try something he’s never done before. Deadline reports the star of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down” is teaming with The Hangover director Todd Phillips to produce an American remake of a Danish film and television series called Clown. McBride will also write and star in the film, which follows two men who go on a camping trip filled with debauchery, but there’s a catch – one of the guys has to bring his girlfriend’s 13-year-old boy to prove he’s ready to be a father. Guess how that turns out? More below! Apparently the original Danish version of Clown was compared to The Hangover upon its release, which offers an easy connection for Phillips as a producer. The American version is still searching for a director, but it wouldn’t be out of …

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