‘Devil Inside’ Advance Screenings Draw Passionate Reactions

Fans report being terrified, but some critics tweet about audiences booing at film’s conclusion.
By Kevin Sullivan, with additional reporting by Matt Elias
Bonnie Morgan in “The Devil Inside”
Photo: Paramount “The Devil Inside,” the latest entry in the found-footage genre, screened Thursday night for special sneak-preview audiences and had the crowds screaming for two very different reasons. Some of the audience members, like Adam Geldres, found themselves shaken up after the screening; Geldres insisted that it was “one of the scariest movies [he’s] seen.” Ashlei Lien felt the same way. After the screening, she told MTV News and said, “I don’t even want to pray, because I’m scared because in the movie he prays …” but she couldn’t finish her thought. The film, which follows a young woman as she travels to Rome to meet with her possessed and dangerous mother, garnered passionate reactions across the board, but Twitter told a different story than the viewers we caught up with after the screening. Passion is not always positive. Soon after the advance screenings ended, critics, who were also in attendance, took to Twitter to share the reactions many of them witnessed. Many reported booing at separate screenings as soon as the film ended. Drew McWeeny from HitFix (@DrewAtHitFix) shared his experience from a regular midnight showing. “Wow. ‘The Devil Inside’ is a big ol’ burn. Active booing in the (sold-out) theater tonight.” El Mayimbe from Latino Review (@elmayimbe) said that audiences were even more hostile at one New York screening. “Audience at NYC screening were ready to kill the filmmakers if they were in attendance. So they took it out on poor ushers.” SPOILER ALERT The controversy stemmed from the film’s ending, which comes abruptly and, as many people claim, arbitrarily. A title on the screen then directs fans to a website to find out more. Check out everything we’ve got on “The Devil Inside.” For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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