‘Die Hard’ is the Unconventional Christmas Gift That Keeps on Giving

Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) has checked his list once, has checked it twice and is now gonna decide who’s naughty or nice. Poor Mr. Takagi (James Shigeta) has unfortunately been deemed naughty for not assisting in this holiday heist and has been handled accordingly. Just like Father Christmas, Hans labors relentlessly to prepare for one glorious night in which he can bring an awfully large present to his loyal elves country-less mercenaries. Hans and his cronies all arrive by a train of unmarked vehicles in place of a bell-toting sleigh and come up from the underground parking lot instead of down the chimney. Read on! Once inside, he creates tiny Christmas miracles: fooling the fire department into turning around and having the FBI cut the power to release the vault’s final safeguard. Hans laughs despite his lack of a bowl full of jelly for he knew these “miracles” would happen. And …

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