Disney is Sending Marvel’s ‘Ant Man’ to Theaters in November 2015

After debuting some test footage at Comic-Con this past summer (check out our video blog here), the thought of releasing Edgar Wright’s take on the lesser known superhero Ant Man as early as 2014 became more of a reality. Now Disney and Marvel have made the dreams of comic book nerds come true again, though it’s not as soon as we initially thought. An official press release from Disney has announced that Ant Man will hit theaters on November 6th, 2015, six months after The Avengers 2 hits theaters that summer. In addition, there’s also some 3D updates for two of Marvel’s Phase Two installments. Read on! First, the real star here is Ant Man. And while the official footage from Comic-Con hasn’t been released online yet, a dedicated fan did put together this cool storyboard recreation of the footage, and it’s pretty damn accurate. This should give you an idea …

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