Does This ‘Prometheus’ Easter Egg Hint at a ‘Blade Runner’ Tie-In?

“Dictated but not read.” Well, what do we have here, Mr. Weyland? That ominous October 11th, 2012 date seen in the viral and end of the credits for Prometheus is fast approaching. But as many assumed, it’s right around the DVD/Blu-Ray release date for Prometheus. However, with this release comes a lot of new reveals and surprises (like an Engineer reading books?). There’s Easter Eggs, extended/deleted scenes that fill in a lot of the big gaps, and much more yet to be found. One intriguing discovery made recently is this – an odd, but nonetheless real, reference to Blade Runner (which Ridley Scott is making a sequel of) in some text. The discovery was first made by Reddit user Huxleyism (via ScreenCrush) who wrote a rather hyperbolic but appropriate title: “HOLY SHIT. Prometheus and Blade Runner tie in, directly written on the bonus features of the steelbook bluray.” Beyond that he …

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