Doug Trumbull Speaks Again on How Mind-Boggling His New Sci-Fi Is

The way this guy speaks about his upcoming projects sounds like he’s bringing the second coming of cinema in the near future. We’ve been keeping tabs on visual effects maestro Douglas Trumbull, aka Doug, for a while as he’s been back in the fray since doing the FX work on The Tree of Life. Trumbull was at the VES Awards ceremony this week and our friend Todd at the Hollywood Reporter interviewed him, and it’s quite a tremendous piece. He speaks in depth about the state of the industry and FX world, and also goes in depth into his upcoming “120FPS 3D” sci-fi movie we’ve been hearing about. And it sounds mind-blowing already. Trumbull has been developing a “big space adventure movie” in 3D shot at 120FPS that will be “absolutely stunning”, so he keeps saying. In the interview, he talks about how he’s trying to merge reality and cinema. “I’m …

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