Eric and Maxwell Johnson Hit the Beach With the Simpson Clan

Jessica Simpson’s fiancé Eric Johnson played on the sand in Hawaii yesterday with their daughter, Maxwell Johnson. It seems Jessica stayed indoors, while Eric strolled onto the beach with Maxwell to join Jessica’s sister Ashlee Simpson, her own son Bronx, and grandma Tina Simpson for some fun in the sand. Jessica was out earlier this week, though. Jessica and Eric held hands for a pre-Christmas walk along the Oahu shore. Their getaway served as a perfect way to announce that Jessica is expecting their second child. Jessica and Eric posted a photo of Maxwell online with the words “big sis” written on the sand around her. The happy news about their expanding their family comes as Jessica’s ad for Weight Watchers hits televisions in the US, but she’s taking a hiatus from working with the company in order to focus on being maximally healthy until baby number two arrives. Eric and Maxwell were out again this morning for an early a.m. stroll. View Slideshow ›

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