Excl: Space Janitors – New ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Web Series First Look

Meet the “Space Janitors” – Darby and Mike! We’ve got a fun exclusive first look today at a new web series starting up in the next few months (premiering on The Escapist on February 24th) called Space Janitors, that is indeed inspired by Star Wars, about two human custodians working on board a battle station for the evil Empire. As they try to hold on to their jobs in the midst of an intergalactic civil war, the series offers a satirical and irreverent view of androids, clones, Dark Lords, and other science-fiction staples. Not only do we have the very first photo from the series, but a look at the teaser and character posters, and much more. The new sci-fi comedy web series will premiere their pilot episode online in late February (via The Escapist) and fully kick off the series starting on April 13th. Space Janitors is a new series …

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