‘Fast and the Furious’ Director Turning Isaac Newton into Action Hero

Director Rob Cohen hasn’t exactly delivered the best films from the original Fast and the Furious to xXx and the flop that was Stealth. However, the guy does know how to direct action, and now he’s going to bring some of that to a somewhat head-scratching project. Variety has word that Cohen is working with Gene Kirkwood (who has produced the classic Rocky but also the terrible Get Rich or Die Tryin’) to develop an action adventure film focusing on Sir Isaac Newton. That’s right, folks. One of the world’s most brilliant minds is being turned into an action hero with a graphic novel that is coming in conjunction with the film. No story details are known, but Cohen is writing the screenplay himself (his only good work on the page seems to be for Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) and will guide the design of the graphic novel that will …

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