First Awesome Teaser Poster for James Bond’s ‘Skyfall’ Hits the Web

Skyfall. What does it mean? Is it a secret code word? A weapon? We’ll find out soon enough. has just unveiled the first official teaser poster for James Bond’s Skyfall, being directed by Sam Mendes (interview on Skyfall here), starring Daniel Craig as agent 007 for his third time. I’ve loved almost all the artwork they’ve made as part of the Daniel Craig series of Bond movies, and this new poster is just as good. This has such a classic, sleek, badass, awesome Bond feel to it and I totally love it, honestly. It’s dark, it’s eye-catching, it’s the Bond gun barrel view, I want the print of this up on my wall right away. Bond is back! Thanks again to for debuting this, where you can download the high res version of it. Thoughts? Skyfall is being directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Jarhead, Revolutionary Road, …

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